Urinary Tract Infection in Children

Urinary tract infection in children is very common. For those who are new to this infection, once it is experienced, suspicion occurs and questions arise regarding its symptoms, cause and prevention.

Experiencing pain while urinating could already be a sign of having urinary tract infection in children. Signs of this are usually unclear due to the fact that most kids cannot exactly express or say what hurts and how they feel so that their parents would able to distinguish what their child is undergoing. Symptoms may consist of having a high fever, an irritability of some sort, a low-grade fever, nausea and vomiting. This is why children should be carefully monitored even when making the slightest unusual move knowing that kids tend to play in dirty places and eat things unique to them, because one of the main reasons for having urinary tract infection in children is bacteria, which can be found everywhere including in a common playground. These are felt for the reason that organisms too small to be visibly seen by the naked eye - including fungi, viruses, and bacteria had entered the urinary tract and cannot be normally removed by the body’s natural defenses.

Urinary Tract Infection in Children

The risk of urinary tract infection in children is at least 2 percent for boys and 8 percent for girls. Having an anomaly in the urinary tract, such as urine reflux, where urine backs up to the ureter from the bladder into the kidney, causing a child to be prone to the risk of UTI.

Circumcision plays a big role in a boy’s childhood in preventing the event of UTI due to improved hygiene. In addition, suitable dieting with minimal intake of food with salt, good exercise, proper hygiene and most importantly a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day are a few prevention tips to avoid urinary tract infection in children.