How to Drink Bailey's Irish Cream Like a Pro


Whether in a Warm Winters Drink or an Ice Cold Shooter, Here's How to Drink Bailey's Irish Cream

Bailey's Irish Cream is a great drink for almost all occasions. Made from Irish whiskey and a cream based liqueur the drink sits at a 17% ABV. While this is drinkable straight for some, for others it may be considered a little too heavy.

But what exactly is Bailey's Irish Cream?

It is an Irish whiskey mixed with a cream liqueur, manufactured by the Irish company Gilbey's. However, the trademark is presently proprietary of Diageo. The alcohol content of Bailey's is 17% per volume, and it is comparable to other cream liqueurs such as Sangster's, Amarula and Carolan's.

Bailey's Irish cream was developed by Gilbeys to address the international demand for cream-based liqueurs. The product development took 4 years, from 1971 to 1974, and then it became the very first Irish cream produced in the market. The origin of the name-Bailey's-was inspired by the popular London hotel, Bailey's Hotel.

Now that you know the roots of Bailey's Irish Cream, let's get down to making drinks that you will surely love.

If you are wondering how to drink Bailey's Irish Cream, you'd be happy to know that you can drink it by itself. This is cool if you don't want frills and fuss. But you can also drink it with ice, or as a component of a cocktail. For a more casual angle, you can add it to your coffee instead of sugar or cream.

So if you are one of those people who struggles to get Bailey's down, don't worry, there are a few drinks one can make that are a little lighter yet still have that great Bailey's taste. To start with, here are two of the most popular Bailey's drinks.

Craving a shooter but want something a little sweet? Why not try a Soma Coma. This tasty concoction combines Bailey's, Sambuca and Goldshlager to create quite a palatable shot. In order to make a Soma Coma place ice cubes in a shaker, add 15 ml (½ oz.) Sambuca, 15ml (½ oz.) Goldschlager and then shake for a minute or two.

After shaking, pour the drink into a shooter glass filling it ¾ of the way. Then add a splash of Bailey's Irish Cream and there you have it. Your very own Soma Coma. Looking for something a little larger? Why not try a Cat Eyed or an Irish Hot Chocolate.

Let's begin with the Cat Eyed. Place 30 ml (2oz.) of Baileys, 15ml (1oz.) of White Rum, 15ml (1oz.) Creme de Cacao and 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream in a blender. Blend well then place into a tall glass and enjoy this sweet frozen drink. Looking for something warmer?

Then the Irish Hot Chocolate might just be for you. Take 15ml (1oz.) of Bailey's Irish Cream and pour it into a mug. Next pour the 250ml (8oz.) Hot Chocolate on the top, add a dollop of whipped cream and enjoy. There you have it, three tasty drinks that can let you enjoy the great taste of Bailey's while providing a lighter alternative to drinking it straight.

Drink only in moderation. If pregnant, avoid alcohol completely.

Adding Bailey's to Food?

So we've talked about how to drink Bailey's but did you know it can also make a great addition to a variety of desserts. For those of you who don't fancy drinking your liqueur, this can make a fantastic alternative. These desserts are bound to please any dinner guests.

Whether in a Warm Winters Drink or an Ice Cold Shooter, Here's How to Drink Bailey's Irish Cream
Merely bring out a Bailey's cake or Bailey's infused ice cream and they'll be bound to leave smiling. Whether it's at a saint patrick's day celebration or just a general get together, you can't go wrong with Bailey's desserts. Here are two  of the best.

Why not give traditional cupcakes or any frosted desserts a run for their money by opting for a Bailey's buttercream frosting. To make this you will need 1 cup of butter, 3 cups of powdered sugar, 4 tablespoons Bailey's Irish Cream and 2 teaspoons vanilla extract.

To make the frosting, simply add all ingredients into a large bowl and whisk either manually or with an electric beater until smooth and creamy. It is the simplicity of this Bailey's dessert addition that makes it so popular. Once complete, simply top your cupcakes or other frosted desserts and enjoy. For stronger or weaker frosting adjust the amount of Bailey's Irish Cream accordingly. Not a fan of frosting? Why not try a Bailey's infused pudding.

For the purpose of simplicity we are going to be basing this off of an instant pudding packet. However, if you prefer to make it from scratch (as many do) simply treat any references to instant pudding as your completed pudding batter. To start with you will want to combine the pudding mix with 1 and a ¼ cups of milk and ¼ cup Bailey's Irish Cream.

Beat the mixture for around 3 minutes either manually or electrically. Once complete, pour the ½ of the mixture into 4 parfait bowls, add then add your choice of parfait mixture. Repeat this twice so you end up with parfait mixture on the top. Then all you have to do is allow it to set and you will have a vanilla pudding with a Bailey's Irish Cream twist.

General Ideas for How to Drink Bailey's Irish Cream

None of these ideas take your fancy? Not to worry, as Bailey's Irish Cream is a dairy based liqueur there are things we know it mixes with and things we know it doesn't. The main thing it does mix with is any other dairy based drinks. Too strong? Simply mix it with chocolate milk.

Looking for a caffeine fix? Add it to some coffee. Part of what makes this drink so popular is its versatility. You could even get away with pouring it over your favorite ice cream. So when you are experimenting with a Bailey's drink that works for you, simply add another dairy based drink and you won't run into any trouble at all.

Bailey's is a great drink for any occasion. Its sweet taste and adaptability to most desserts gives you options in its consumption. Whether you add it to a hot winters drink or have it in a shooter it will certainly be enjoyed by most. Bring out an infused dessert at a dinner party and then everyone will be sure to revere your culinary creations. I'm sure even the fussiest liqueur critique couldn't say no to a fresh, homemade, bailey's iced cupcake.

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